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What To Consider Before Doing A Garage Conversion

There is a lot that goes into undergoing a garage conversion. As one of the most affordable ADUs to build, it is an enticing choice for many homeowners who are looking to build an ADU on their property. However, there are some things you should take into consideration before leaping into the project.

How Much Will It Cost

Determining your ADU costs from the start is important when developing one. Garage conversions are usually the most affordable option, but that doesn’t mean they are not still expensive. A typical 2-car garage conversion can cost you anywhere from $90,000 to $119,000.

Your conversion could cost way more than that if your garage’s primary structure and foundation are not in good shape. It could also cost less if your garage is in good shape and already has electricity and plumbing hooked up to it. So, how much your conversion will cost is completely up to what condition your garage is in and the utilities already hooked up to it.

Where Will You Put Your Stuff

Even if you don’t park your car in your garage, chances are you store other things in there. Many people store tools, lawn care items, and random things within their garages. Knowing what you will do with all that stuff before you start converting your unit is important.

Will you need to build a small shed to hold your belongings or can it all fit in your basement? Figure that out first before diving in and realizing you have no idea where to store your belongings now.

Two Stories Or One?

If you still want access to your garage to park your car or store belongings, you can always consider adding a second story to your garage for the ADU. That way you keep your garage and get an ADU without losing yard space.

The only downfall here is that you may need to make changes to your garage structure to support a second story, which can be expensive. Sometimes, you may even need to tear down the existing structure and start completely over