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iOS Ad Blockers can significantly improve your web browsing experience: NYT Study

According to a new study conducted by the New York Times, iOS ad blockers can apparently help users save time and money, along with removing those annoying ads. Moreover, they can also bolster the battery performance on iDevices.

“We decided to put multiple ad blockers to the test. Over the course of four days, we used several ad-blocking apps on our iPhones and measured how much the programs cut down on web page data sizes and improved loading times, and also how much they increased the smartphone’s battery life,” NYT reported.

The New York Times conducted two tests using Ad blocker over a period of four days to assess how it affects website data size, loading speed, and its effect on battery life. Both of the above experiments were done with and without the use of ad blockers.

In the first test, data sizes of the world’s top 50 news sites ( NYT included) were recorded. While in the second one, a custom iPhone in an endless loop cycled through these popular news media sites to measure its effect on the battery.

When the ad blocker was turned on, sites with heavy ads surprisingly saw a drastic decrease in data size along with significantly improved loading times. In addition, it also shows modest improvements in terms of battery performance. The study also reveals that browsing with ad blockers on iOS also allows users to cut down on their data costs significantly. As NYT clearly mentions in its report that accessing Boston.com homepage daily for a month amounts to roughly $9.50 in data usage for ads alone.

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Ad blockers are being widely used on PCs for quite a while now, though Apple just started allowing ad blockers into its mobile ecosystem with the release of its latest iOS 9. Besides, they’ve already garnered a lot of attention topping the charts on the App Store for iOS paid apps, with high demand for such software among iOS users

iOS users can simply download such apps and activate Safari’s ad blocking feature. It’s worth pointing out that such ads are eliminated within the browser, not for other apps.