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Meet the sleeker and smarter Microsoft Band 2 with With curved display

Microsoft has unveiled the latest version of its wearable fitness tracker, yet again called the Microsoft Band. Though this time, it gets a completely revamped design featuring a metal-clad body with stainless straps along with a curved display. The device will be compatible to work with iOS, Android and of course Windows.

The new band gets a curved display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and comes with an array of sensors such as GPS, microphone, UV sensor, ambient light sensor along with galvanic skin response sensors, VO2 max and more.

A major distinguishing feature of the new Microsoft Band is the addition of barometer sensor, which can be deployed to track elevation changes. The company says, “only the new Microsoft Band does that,” while Microsoft also showcased the new Band’s ability to estimate VO2 Max, the body’s ability to use Oxygen with the heart rate sensor and software.


Other key features include Cortana inclusion, which can assist and reschedule your missed workouts. Microsoft health app is now available as Universal app along with support for third party apps from Uber, Starbucks, Subway and more. While according to Microsoft, the new ‘Band’ can provide up to two days of battery life on a single charge.

All in all, it appears that the new Band is quite an improvement over its predecessor with better design aesthetics. Certainly looks like a great design update as it looks way more comfortable and attractive than the old plastic one, but in terms of features it only adds a barometer and frequent UV tracking to a user’s stats.

The company said the new Microsoft Band is aimed at users ‘who go to work and love working out’.

As far as availability goes, pre-orders for the new smart wearable are live now, while it’ll be available on October 30th starting at 9.