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Apple will fix MacBook Pro’s Anti-Reflective Coating Issues at no charge

Apple has finally come up with a solution to the wearing out of the anti-reflective coating on MacBook and MacBook Pro models. As the company has now created an internal program primarily designed to address problems with the anti-reflective screen coating.

In a newly launched Quality program, Apple will be providing out-of-warranty repairs for affected MacBooks and MacBook Pros for three years from the purchase date or until October 16, whichever is longer. While those of you who’ve already paid for the service to fix the issue can contact Apple to see if you’re eligible for a refund.

The ‘Staingate’ issue mostly affects several Macbook and Macbook Pro models with Retina displays sold between mid-2012 to mid-2014, also led to a petition on Change.org with users demanding Apple’s attention. A lot of customers have claimed that the anti-reflective coating on their Mac’s screen began wearing out as early as seven months into usage. The coating appears to get worn out when it comes in contact with the keyboard and the trackpad.

Some MacBook users have also claimed they were denied warranty coverage for the issue, with the company citing that cosmetic damage is not a part of the warranty. While others users say, they got their affected MacBooks repaired via the Genius Bar for free.

Apple reportedly has no plans to create a public page addressing the issue on its official website. Hence, there’s no dedicated page where users can go and check whether their device is eligible for the free service, neither there are clear guidelines for obtaining the service or how to get reimbursed for the previous service. Though if you call Apple support and if your case is valid, you’ll be entitled to a free service as long as your MacBook fits into the right time-frame.

In some cases, Apple will reportedly get in touch with users directly.