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Google invites beta testers to try out its Search app for Android devices

Google is now inviting beta testers to try out its new Search app for Android devices. According to a Reddit user, a card was sent on his phone which on opening redirected him to the Play Store, where he was asked to join the Google app beta program. “Preview new Google features,” the card reads. “Join the Google app beta program to play with experimental features before they’re released.”

The program seems to be open to anyone who registers for it, which will apparently allow users to try out every new feature, updates and more before Google finalizes the next version of its Search app for general availability. Users who sign up for the beta program will now be running Google app version, up from version

Overall it seems to be a minor update that may be the reason Google has not made any official announcements. It primarily includes minor enhancements and a few security fixes. Not much information is available at this point though a few Reddit users have said that the search app is now merged with Google Now. The company might start releasing bigger updates for the app in the near future.

While those of you who did not see a new Google Now card on their smartphone, can still become a beta tester by joining the Beta Testing program. Once on the Play Store, you are asked to download the new version on your devices.

While users who’ve signed up also have the option to opt out of the program by simply uninstalling the beta version and re-installing the standard version via the Play Store. Though with that being said, it is not so often that Google opens its apps for beta testing. Moreover, with its Search app being one of the core ingredients of the entire Android ecosystem, it is a good enough reason to try out the preview app provided it sounds like your cup of tea.