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Microsoft plans a Surface Phone?

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for the Surface division Panos Panay was recently interviewed by folks at Wired, which has apparently led to a speculation that there might be a mystery Surface Phone on the cards.

In the interview, Panay is essentially talking about what went on behind the making of the new Surface Book, in which he states that “Surface Book’s pre-orders have been huge so far.”

Though he further adds that there’s a “prototype of a new phone” which has rather created some hype among Windows Phone fans. Below is the exact excerpt from Panay referencing the mystery Surface Phone:

“But as soon as we start talking about it, he gets distracted by a CNC machine that’s milling a Surface Book’s bottom bucket. Panay just watches it for a moment, carving over and over to form the antenna gap.

A few machines away, another machine works on a prototype of a new phone. And there are rooms everywhere in Building 87—top-secret ones—filled with new devices. Panay has to go check on them, too.

Hence, it appears the Surface team at Microsoft could be working on a new phone. Moreover, the fact that it is being manufactured very close to where Surface Books are made, suggests it could indeed be a Surface Phone.

Though we would rather hang onto our horses as the device could be years away before the final version launches. In fact, we might not even see the device in the market as it all depends on its success of the newly announced Lumia flagships, along with how efficiently Microsoft delivers the forthcoming Windows 10 Mobile OS.

Microsoft earlier confirmed that the final roll out of Windows 10 Mobile is expected to begin sometime early in December, while the recently unveiled Lumia flagships –  Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL will be the only smartphones to run Windows 10 Mobile out-of-the-box.

Meanwhile, those of you interested what went on behind the making of the Surface Book, make sure you check out David Pierce’s article at Wired in the source link below.

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