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Oculus VR to jolt Virtual Reality world with Oculus Rift, Pre-order begins Jan 06

Facebook-owned Oculus VR, LLC has confirmed that it’ll start pre-orders for its VR headgear Rift starting Wednesday, though is yet to announce the pricing. The company said on Monday that it would share all the information about the Oculus Rift once pre-order goes live at 1600 GMT in California.

In addition, Oculus VR also said that each headset will come bundled with two free games – “Lucky’s Tale and CCPs EVE: Valkyrie. Meanwhile, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey will also hold Q&A session to shed more light on the headset. He’ll be holding a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” event on Wednesday right before Rift pre-order goes live.

To recall, Facebook bought Oculus VR last year in a deal worth $2 billion. The concept has already garnered a lot of excitement among consumers, deemed to be the next-gen platform with the ability to offer that immersive 3D experience. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told the audience during a keynote presentation at the second annual Oculus Connect developers conference, that “virtual reality is the next logical step is fully immersive virtual reality.”

In other related news, Oculus earlier announced that the launch of its ‘Touch’ motion controllers has been delayed until “second half of 2016”. The company said that it’s still “on the path to perfecting Touch”, hence, they needed more time before release. Unlike your conventional controller, Oculus Touch is designed to capture real-time hand movements in VR games and apps. Pre-orders for the controller are likely to go live months before launch.

For now, we can’t wait to get our hands dirty on the consumer version of Oculus Rift headset, pre-orders for which go live tomorrow.

Virtual reality is certainly the buzzword town with its immense potential on offer. As Oculus isn’t the only one churning out VR headgear. Korean giant Samsung has already released its Gear VR headset for $99, while Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is also slated for launch this year. Meanwhile, HTC and Microsoft have also jumped onto the VR bandwagon with their Vive and HoloLens headgear respectively.