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Windows Phone’s Word Flow Keyboard app for iOS and Android is in works

With Word Flow keyboard, you can send texts by gliding fingers over the keyboard. It had set a new Guinness record for fastest texting speed before Fleksy eclipsed it. Now, an email has revealed that Microsoft is planning to port Word Flow over to the iOS platform.

As Windows phones have not caught on, Microsoft has established a new strategy of porting more exclusive Windows only apps over to other platforms. The company has already ported Office suite apps to the iOS and Android. In addition, Microsoft also ported the Cortana assistant more recently. Consequently, there are now about 60 Windows apps in the App Store.

Now, Microsoft has sent emails to insiders to trial the Word Flow keyboard app for the iOS. Thus, the Windows maker is seemingly planning to port Word Flow to the iPhone.

The email stated:

Do you own an iPhone (5S or newer)? Do you think your native iOS keyboard could use improvement?

Word Flow keyboard has long been one of the highly praised features on Windows Phone and was used to break the Guinness World Record for fastest texting. We are now working on extending this keyboard to other platforms, starting with iOS.

Before publicly releasing this keyboard to the App Store, we’d love to give Insiders like you a preview. With your feedback, we’ll build a roadmap of improvements to the keyboard over time.

If you’re interested in participating in this beta program, just send an email to wordflow@microsoft.com with subject line “I want in!” and we’ll be in touch!

Hence, iOS will be the first platform for a new Word Flow keyboard app. As a highly rated app, it would be a good addition to iPhones. If launched for the iOS, an Android version might also become available at some point. Note the quoted email does state, “other platforms, starting with iOS.”

A launch date for a Word Flow iOS app remains unclear. It should be a great app for the iOS, and there could be more Windows apps ported to other platforms.