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Apple playing with Li-Fi, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus may get the light-based connectivity

It’s not clear whether Apple will announce a budget iPhone in April, but there are still plenty of rumors circulating about the upcoming iPhone 7. The latest is that Apple’s flagship will come with Li-Fi.

Most probably haven’t heard of Li-Fi. It’s a brand new alternative to Wi-Fi that has recently been developed. The Li-Fi network is based on visible light with data transferred through smart LED bulbs.

The rapid blinking of the bulbs gives us Li-Fi.

What Li-Fi will give us is a much faster alternative to Wi-Fi. It could mean data transfer speeds of up to 1 GB a second. So Li-Fi could be the next big thing.

Sources on Twitter have revealed that Apple might include Li-Fi with its upcoming iPhone 7. The leak came about through some of the vested iOS code that highlights Apple is trying out the new Wi-Fi alternative. Apple Insiders have confirmed that it is feasible the iPhone 7 will come with Li-Fi.

However, Li-Fi technology is still very much untried. Nobody has incorporated it into phones as of yet. It might be the case that the Cupertino is just experimenting with it, and has no firm plans to incorporate it with the iPhone 7.

So this latest rumor isn’t guaranteed to be accurate.

There are plenty of other rumors circulating about the Apple iPhone 7. For instance, the rumor mill states that the latest iPhone 7 will not have a home button. It could also have a dual camera and come with a liquid metal casing.

So far as rumored specifications go, Apple analysts have stated it might have 3 GB of RAM. The in-house storage for the phone could amount to at least a 32 GB baseline. That would mean the company removes its current 16 GB baseline storage option.

Rumors highlight that the iPhone 7’s processor might be the A10. Some have stated that the processor might have six cores. That is a bold prediction, as it would be a considerable enhancement of the current dual-core models.

To no surprise, Apple will unveil the iPhone 7 sometime in September. Then it will become all the clearer whether the latest model is the first to include Li-Fi and has the speculated specifications.