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How to check and install OTA updates

Now a days, every smartphone user must have installed the software update over the air. If not installed, then must have read or heard that software update is available over the air. All of our modern day gadgets like phones, tablets, smartwatches, fitness bands, televisions and cars like Tesla, etc. get the software update over mobile broadband or Wi-Fi.

What is OTA (over the air)?

OTA, otherwise Over-The-Air, is a wireless data transfer that Apple originally introduced for its iPhone series. It’s a wireless delivery of software and data. This gives you a way to update your iOS, Android or any operating system without having to download to a desktop and connect the device. Overall, it’s a quicker way to update your tablet’s or mobile’s platform.

How to check and install OTA updates on iOS, Android and Windows 10?

You can update software with Over-The-Air on your iPhone, but note that it only works on iOS 5 or later and you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, be sure you have a fully charged battery on your tablet or handset before updating it with OTA. So charge the phone beforehand if required.

To update your iPhone with OTA, click Settings on the app page. Then scroll down a bit and select General and Software Update.

Thereafter, your tablet or phone will check for updates. If it finds an update, it will provide the details for it. It might state that the update includes security updates and a few other fixes. Furthermore, it will also tell you the update’s size.

Note that software updates might have high storage requirements. They will likely amount to a few hundred megabytes at least. Consequently, the Software Update page might state that there is not enough available storage for the update.

If that is so, tap Usage Settings to open a list of your apps. The page lists your apps with those that hog the most storage at the top. You can remove apps by selecting them on that page and clicking the Delete App option.

Return to the Software Update page. Now click Download and Install to add the update to your handset. Once the update is complete, your iOS tablet or phone will restart.

Of course, you can also update Android devices with OTA. You can update that platform much the same. Click Settings > About (or About Tablet) and then System Update. That will tell you if there are any updates available.

For Windows 10 Mobile devices, click on Settings > Update & Security > Phone update. Windows Phone 8, 8.1 users can go to Settings > Update + backup > Phone update.

It’s worth checking your iOS or Android devices for updates. In some cases, as with the Android 6 updates, you might be able to add a whole new platform version to your tablet or handset. In the event of any issue or query, do let us know by commenting here. You can also check out how to download iFile on iPhone without jailbreaking.