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Sony PlayStation VR Headset Launch on March 15, Listed at Czech Site for $490

Sony has stated it would be launching its PlayStation VR headset this 15th March. Visitors will be briefed about the virtual reality headset first following which, there will be a hands-on demo session.

It is going to be a special media event where the VR headset is set to be launched, the invitations for which are already being sent out. Also, with the press event being held just prior to the Game Developers Conference can be considered to be a continuation of what started during GDC 2014 when the first PlayStation VR was unveiled.

Initially codenamed Project Morpheus, the headset was followed by the unveiling of an updated model in GDC 2015. A year down the line, Sony finally seems to ready with the commercial launch of the headset and is also expected to make available pricing and launch schedules as well.

With two of its main competitors already having joined the fray, what remains to be seen is how much the PlayStation VR headset eventually costs. Analysts have been quick to point out any price point below $500 will be the key to success of the headset.

Interestingly, a Czech retailer already seems to have prior information as to what it might eventually cost. In fact, the PlayStation VR headset has already been listed on its site where the price mentioned is 11 990Kc, which converts to a quite competitive $490. There, however, is no confirmation on this from Sony.

For comparison’s sake, the Oculus Rift has been priced $599 and is set to reach markets by March 28. HTC too has confirmed its Vive will cost $799, pre-orders for which will start to be accepted from Feb 29. Actual deliveries of the Vive start around April.

Sony no doubt will strive to match those schedules if it does not want to cede ground to its competitors.

However, unlike Facebook and HTC, Sony has the advantage of having a dedicated gaming console – the PlayStation 4 in place to run the VR headset. This will save existing PlayStation 4 owners from having to invest in high-end gaming PCs to run the VR unit.

No word yet as to which of PlayStation games will be ready for the VR headset right away.