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How to hide apps in iOS 8 or iOS 9 without Jailbreak

Have you ever wondered how you can hide the apps in your iPhone or iPad? That might come in handy if you’re sharing the iPad or iPhone with somebody else. For instance, some apps might not be suitable for the kids. Further, no one wants to show their personal photos or documents to guests or relatives. This issue is common with iPad users as it is kind of family device. Both iOS 9, iOS 8 have options with which you can hide stock and non-stock apps from the main app page.

How to hide the stock apps (apps bundled with iOS) in iOS 9 or iOS 8

  1. Tap Settings on the app page.
  2. Then scroll down and tap General > Restrictions.
  3. Now you’ll need to input a passcode for restrictions. Enter a four digit number there to set up a passcode.
  4. That will open a list of your stock apps. They’ll be switched to on, but you can switch them to off by tapping the button beside them. Tap the buttons so that they’re no longer green.

Now return to your app pages. You’ll find that the stock apps you switched off are no longer included on the main app page, and thus can’t be opened from there.

How to hide non-stock apps in iOS 8 and iOS 9

  1. Tap Settings > General and Restrictions as before.
  2. Then you’ll need to enter the passcode you set up before.
  3. Scroll down the page until you reach Apps and tap to select.
  4. That will open a page that includes a Don’t Allow Apps option. Select that to hide all the non-stock apps.
  5. Alternatively, there are options you can select there that are app age restrictions.

Then the non-stock apps will not be included on your app pages. However, they are still on the iPhone or iPad; and you can always restore them on the main app page by selecting Allow All Apps option.

There’s also a way that you can temporarily remove apps from the main app page. This is more of trick that removes an app until you switch off the iPhone. Then the app reappears once you restart the phone.

  1. Tap and hold an app icon so that it starts to wiggle.
  2. Then drag the app over another one to set up a folder.
  3. When the folder’s set up, take the finger off the app icon.
  4. Drag the app you’re going to remove from the app page onto the folder’s second page and then remove finger from its icon again.
  5. Next drag the app icon into the third folder page, but this time, you must keep your finger on it.
  6. Now drag the app icon to the edge of the folder and press the home button at the same time.

You should now find that the app has disappeared from the folder, and thus is no longer included on the app page. This is only temporary, and the app will reappear in the folder when you restart the iPhone.

So now you can hide stock and non-stock apps from the main app page on the iOS. Those options aren’t going to save you any storage space but might come in handy if you have some apps that you want to hide. You can also check out how to download iFile on iPhone without Jailbreaking.