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Apple shelves plan to launch AR glasses indefinitely, to launch Reality Pro MR headset instead

Apple is reported to have put its plans to launch an augmented reality glasses on the back burner for now, shifting its focus instead on launching a mixed reality headset this coming spring. While the exact reason behind this is not known, analysts believe it could be due to some technical issues Apple is facing with the AR glasses that have forced it to shelve the project entirely for now.

As for the mixed reality headset slated for a Spring launch, what is known is that it is going to be named Reality Pro and would be running the xrOS operating system. Also, to live up to its mixed reality badging, the said headset will be able to show both real world objects and environments as well as computer generated virtual stuff interspersed in it.

The Reality Pro mixed reality headset is also expected to cost around $3000 which isn’t exactly cheap by any means. However, Apple is keen to launch the augmented reality headset at a cheaper price point later on, one that will share its ships with the iPhone to keep costs low. The proposed augmented reality headset is expected to be released sometime next year or in 2025.

Also, with a mixed reality headset now and an augmented reality headset slated for launch later on, all of this will pitch Apple as a direct competitor to Meta which is betting big on Metaverse. As it is, with millions of iPhone and iPad users already getting to experience augmented reality via third party apps, this ensures Apple already has a sizeable presence in the world of augmented and virtual reality. Things are going to take on a larger dimension with the launch of Apple’s own headset in this segment.