Home Technology Facebook launches Video Discovery Hub, Challenging YouTube, Periscope, Snapchat

Facebook launches Video Discovery Hub, Challenging YouTube, Periscope, Snapchat

Facebook has announced the launch of a new dedicated hub for videos, both live and pre-recorded. The separate video section which will initially be available in only the iOS and Android apps will serve as the place to look for all video stuff that otherwise would be littered around the user’s timeline.

The launch of the new videos hub can also be seen as a direct challenge to the dominance of YouTube that has so far been the undisputed king of online videos. Also, among others that too will be facing the heat from Facebook’s new venture is Periscope that has seen quite a steady rise so far.

In any case, Facebook’s latest push with videos shouldn’t come as a surprise given the increased focus on video content lately. That is also evident with the placement of the Video tab as well, which is placed bang in the center of the navigation bar that otherwise belonged to the Messenger function.

It was only a few months back that Facebook had introduced the feature that allows for the streaming of live video, although the launch of a separate hub featuring video can be considered a more matured take on those efforts. Also the fact that Facebook has a billion plus active user base ensures it hits the ground running when the feature is eventually launched.

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There are a few other Live upgrades in the anvil as well, which includes the feature to share live videos to the relevant groups. Then there is the ‘Live in Events’ as well which allows the user to share video to a select group who might have been part of a RSVP event and such.

Facebook’s new video venture will also have a lot of Periscope and Snapchat styled features as well, which includes interactive comments. When a user starts streaming live videos, viewers can use the six Reactions to react to the video or comment as to how they feel about the video, all of which disappear after a while.