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Apple WWDC 2016 sets for June 13, Registration Open: Expect iOS 10, OS X 10.12, watchOS and tvOS updates

It is June 13 that Apple has officially declared as the day its WWDC 2016 event gets underway at San Francisco. Not that the date was unknown given that Siri had already spilled the beans on that, which does show the Apple personal digital assistant is better informed, on this one at least.

Coming to the details, the Apple event kicks off on June 13 and will run through June 17. The venue is Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco for the keynote to be held while the remaining sessions of the conference will be held at Moscone West convention center.

The event is largely targeted at developers and programmers who’d like to develop new apps for the Apple ecosystem. The focus will be to guide the developers to get into the act, with over 1,000 Apple engineers expected to be on hand to provide developers, both seasoned and newbies, with ‘code-level assistance’ and the pitfalls to be avoided. Over a 100 technical sessions are in store at this year’s developer’s conference.

The event is also expected to yield information about its future tablet, PC and watch platforms – iOS 10 for the next generation of iPhone and iPad devices along with OS X 10.12 for the upcoming Macs. Similarly, there are likely to be healthy updates meted out to the tvOS and watchOS powering Apple TV and smartwatch segments respectively. Those, in turn, will give us an idea of what to expect with future Apple devices such as the iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 or the new gen MacBook devices. iPhone 7 is already due in September.

Tickets have been priced a cool $1,599. Then again, they are to be availed of via a lottery system. Developers will need to register at the Apple WWDC site. Registrations are already open and will run through April 22, 10.00 AM PDT. Attendees will be chosen at random, and the winners will be notified by April 25, 5:00 p.m. PDT.

For the second consecutive year, Apple also announced 350 WWDC scholarships for students and STEM organizations from all over the world. This will provide the students a chance to meet with some of the best minds at Apple and have a feel of what it takes to be part of the Apple developer’s community, and hopefully, deliver as well. Another 125 scholarships will be there up for grabs for developers who have financial limitations, a scheme that is launched only this year.

Another prerequisite for developers eager to attend WWDC 2016 is that they need to be registered members of the Apple Development Program prior to this year’s event. It has been done to dissuade those who chose to sign up at the last minute just to be at the developer’s event.

Those who fail to make the cut can still catch up with all that unfolds via the official site as well as the WWDC app that will be streaming live proceedings.