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Apple to launch new iPad Pro with revised design and OLED display in 2024

The Apple iPad Pro has largely remained the same for the past few years with subsequent models only featuring internal upgrades at best along with external changes, if any, being minor at best. Basically, it is the same iPad Pro that was first introduced in 2018 that is still doing the rounds so far. All of that is about to change though, what with recent reports on this claiming there is a major iPad pro revision that is in the works. And the same is expected to break cover as early as 2024 itself.

Among the changes expected with the new iPad Pro due out in 2024 includes a design revamp that might include a glass rear this time instead of the aluminum back that has been the staple of all iPad Pro models launched so far. Apple might also opt for introducing Magsafe charging to the iPad Pro once it opts for a rear glass design theme. That no doubt is going to be of the same sort that has been available with iPhone models for a few years now.

Apart from that, another change likely to be introduced with the new iPad Pro includes the integration of OLED panels this time. This would replace the LCD panels with mini-LED display tech that the current gen iPad Pro line-up comes with. With the OLED display, you will have more vibrant colors and deeper blacks than is otherwise possible with LCD display tech. The move to integrate OLED panels on future iPad Pro models has been doing the rounds of tech circles for some time now. However, as per the latest input that we have on this, Apple has already placed orders for 11-inch and 12.9-inch OLED panels with Samsung and LG so the first OLED iPad Pro models are likely to arrive by 2024.

Apart from these, there also are rumors about Apple considering introducing even larger iPad Pro models, one that comes with a display as big as 14 or 16 inches. However, with a display size this big, there also is speculation if the newly proposed iPad models will form part of the iPad Pro lineup or if those will form part of a new iPad series.

With such extensive changes expected with the forthcoming iPad Pro lineup, it is unlikely Apple would do anything noteworthy with any of the iPad models this year. As such, it is futile to expect any of the present iPad devices, be it the base iPad, the iPad Air, iPad Mini, or the iPad Pro to come with any major updates this year.