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Leica’s new M-D screen less camera is designed to appeal to the photographic purists

There is a new digital camera in town and it aims to shake up the very foundation of the current crop of digital cameras now available. It is the new Leica M-D (Type 262) camera that is being referred to here, and it comes without one of the key distinguishing features of modern day digital cams – the rear LCD panel.

While that might be considered a hindrance as the accompanying LCD display allows for checking the images just shot besides offering a myriad of other functionalities, the new M-D should still appeal to the purists who’d like to be focused almost entirely on the subject with no distractions hampering the photography experience.

That apart, the new M-D can also appeal to the nostalgic types as the latest Leica creation harks back to the days of the film cameras when after having exhausted the entire roll, photographers would have to eagerly await for the pictures to be ‘developed’ to actually see them.

That said, the new M-D is also about exemplary design as there still exists switches and gears to pull off almost anything that otherwise would have required navigating through a maze of menu and other settings via the LCD display. This again makes the M-D almost just as capable as any of the conventional digital cameras.

The M-D can however be considered almost an exact replica of the Leica M except that the former lacks the LCD display that the latter is so proud to flaunt. That also makes the new M-D more of a mechanical marvel than the software driven electronic showpiece the digital cameras have evolved into.

Cost wise, the M-D can be procured for a quite modest ,995.

For that amount, buyers get to have a digital camera that has a solid retro feel to it besides offering the purest photography experience. It’s mighty simple and treads the path opposite to that of the modern digital cameras which has come to be known for their signature styling attributes exemplified with big lenses up front and LCD displays at the rear.