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Facebook Messenger Bot to help in property searches in Australia

There is a new Messenger Bot that aims to help property buyers in Australia to get the homes of their dreams in the most convenient manner. All credit for this goes to Domain, the popular property site in the country that has come up with a Bot – Australia’s first – to better connect buyers with the sellers in the property domain.

Things can start from either Domain’s Facebook page or directly from Messenger though with the latter, users have first to type the company name to get started. Users next have the option of either writing the address or dropping the current location on the map using the location pin. The Bot will then serve the user with all the properties that are on sale around the specified address, complete with the price details.

Buyers will also be able to type in a house address and check if it’s up for sale and so on. The bot also provides with other related but essential information such as past sale records, rent structures as well as estimated rent and such. Images or videos if available will also be made available to allow for better decision-making process on the part of the user.

“Creating a Domain bot for Messenger allows a more natural communication interaction and saves consumers time flipping between apps and websites,” said Damon Pezaro, chief product officer at Domain.

However, things still are at the early stages with the bot with future iterations being envisioned to accept more complex requests or human interactions. The move is still significant as this marks the first adoption of the Bot strategy in Australia and in the property domain that Facebook emphasized on at length during its F8 conference a few weeks back.


Interestingly, bots have emerged as the new found craze in Silicon Valley with some of the biggest names there betting big time on bots. Microsoft too has stated they are investing heavily on bots and have already unleashed a few on its Skype platform, with more on the way. For instance, there is the Summarize bot that will create the summary of an article that users may not have the time to ready in its entirety. Then there is also the Murphy that is designed to help users in answering Skype conversations with suitable images and so on.

Meanwhile, Facebook introduced a new ‘flower reaction’ in its news feed to celebrate Mother’s day. The feature though is temporary and has been made available in 80 countries world over. The ‘flower’ will cease to exist on the reactions list post Mother’s Day though what is amply clear is that there will be such temporary additions to the reactions to celebrate such occasions.