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5 apps for Free Internet Data

Whenever you browse the Internet on your mobile, it is a consumption of a bandwidth that completes the procedure. For example, streaming online videos on YouTube can easily eat a huge chunk of data. However, there are some apps available which greets its users with free Internet data. These are the apps you must install on your phone if you want to enjoy some free data.


Gigato is one of the established free data apps you can install on your Android handset. Gigato shows you a list of apps and data promos that you can add to your phone. When you use one of the listed apps on your phone, you will then accumulate data packs. The earned data will always be higher than the data you consume while using the app. Note that this app only works with prepaid accounts.

Databack App

Databack is a new Android free data app that is largely based on a referral program. When you first install this app on the handset, you can get a 5 MB data usage bonus. Once this is done, you can then get additional 25 MB of data for each referral processed under your invite code. Not just that, you can also get free data by visiting app mobile data offers on the phone.


Hike is a messenger app available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms that offers data bonuses. As soon as you sign up with this app, you will get free 20 megabytes of data. After that, you can get more free data usage with the hike referral scheme. Hike offers 50 megabytes of data on each effective invite made.


Mcent is another Android app you can clock up some free data with. This app gives third-party developers an app promotion platform. Mcent users can then get their free data, otherwise top-up phone credits, by trying out some of the apps listed on the paltform. Note that the app data usage is covered. It also has brand surveys you can get extra data credits with.


By using KickBit, you can get a free sign up bonus. The bonus alone gives you 10 to 50 MB of free data. Also, you can accumulate free data by making referrals. The app offers 50 megabytes per invite made, and if your referral accumulates more than 100 MB of data, you also get another 10 MB.

So, these are five mobile apps that you can use to enjoy free data without any catch. Overall, you could collectively achieve over 150 MB of free data with the apps mentioned above. If you have any other apps in mind, then do let us know in the comment section. Also check out our list of 7 apps that are killing your smartphones battery.