Home Technology Reddit enables embed feature to cite any of its posts anywhere online

Reddit enables embed feature to cite any of its posts anywhere online

Reddit finally has opened up to the idea of embedding its content on external sites. This can also be considered a culmination of sorts of the efforts initiated last year that yielded ways to embed comments made at Reddit on any website. That was in March 2015, and now the same has been extended to the actual posts as well which can be embedded anywhere online.

Reddit further stated the feature has been in private beta so far and have been working with some of the leading media outlets of the likes of The Washington Post, AOL, CNET and so on to perfect the same.

So far, users only had the option to mention the actual link of the Reddit page they wished to refer to. Not any more as the actual post itself can be embedded right within the site itself. This brings along the twin benefits of users having easy access to the information they need while Reddit too stands to gain as the same will introduce more users to Reddit and its services.

The ability to embed Reddit posts is also advantageous in that the online community often ends up being the source of many an important revelation. That is not all as celebrities such as those from Hollywood or other personalities often make it to Ask Me Anything sessions on Reddit, making the site a rich source of breaking news or other important stuff.

“The great thing about Reddit content is that it’s usually longer, it’s more insightful, more in-depth than you’ll see on other social platforms. You’re going to get a more robust conversation,” said Mark Luckie who heads the journalism and media division at Reddit.

Reddit plays hosts to around 36 million users and can be considered to be rather late to offer an embed tool of its own given its sheer size. Not only does embedding allow user to get closer to the source of the news, it also serves as a publicity for the site as well. Social outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and such have all been offering embedding tools for long and actually encourage users to do it.

The overall embedding process is also similar as it is elsewhere. For instance, users just have to click on the share option beneath the actual post. Clicking on it will open a separate window containing the embed code as well as a preview section.