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Google to introduce ads on its Maps application

Google is working on avenues to serve more ads on its maps application.

These ads will be in the form of ‘promoted pins’ in nearby locations as company logos that will pay the search giant to appear on the maps. Also, logos relevant to the area where the user belongs will be displayed on the maps, and will change once the user is on the move.

Clicking on a logo will reveal the company page at the bottom of the display that will contain more information to entice the viewers further. Such promoted pins will appear on both desktop and mobile versions of the Maps application.

In addition, the usual Google search strategy will also work here. It means that targeted ads will be displayed based on a user’s past search history as well as the way users dealt with other Google services previously.

Google stated that it is completely aware of the importance of Maps in users’ perspective, and it also said that the company won’t do anything that will jeopardize the user experience.

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“On maps we are well aware of the pitfalls of doing silly things,” said Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s ad chief. However, the ads won’t be optional either as there won’t be any way for users to turn things off. There is no word yet when the ad will begin to show up. Initially, Google will test the feature out on a small group of users before rolling out to masses.

As the lion’s share of Google’s revenue comes from ads, it’s quite obvious that Google will continuously look for opportunities to serve more ads, and what’s better than Google Maps with over billion downloads.

“We do see this trend that people are interacting with mobile devices and the physical world at an increasing rate, and we think it’s appropriate to have commercial opportunities in these contexts,” said Jerry Dischler, Google’s Vice President of search ads.

Earlier, Google used to display text based ads along the sides of the maps for the past few years. However, this marks the first time ads are accommodating right within the map itself. Such a method of displaying ads is already prevalent on Google-owned Waze.

Google had reported billion revenue in 2015, with more than 90 percent of it coming from ads.