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Here is what the latest Apple AR/VR headset leak reveals

Apple is already touted to launch a Mixed Reality headset sometime this year. However, the company has been largely secretive with its AR R project though that isn’t stopping from information making it to the online world. Take for instance the latest leak courtesy of Mark Gurman coming our way that has a lot to share about what the upcoming headset is going to be like.

For one, the Apple Mixed Reality headset is already known to have both augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities built in. However, the latest leak is claiming that the headset will have specific AR and VR modes and users will have the option to select either mode simply by the flick of controls present on the headset. With the AR mode, users will get to see virtual objects getting superimposed over real-world objects. Similarly, once the VR mode is enabled, it is going to be entirely virtual stuff that the user will experience and will be completely cut off from the real world.

Also, while it is the xrOS that the headset would be running, it will share a lot of similarity with the way the iOS and iPadOS look and feels. If that be true, users can look forward to the usual assortment of app that is prevalent on the iPhone or iPad home screen. There also are reports of Apple offering a set of features that would be common across three distinct device segments, the iPhone, iPad, and the MR Headset. Apple will also allow the installation of third-party apps from other app stores as well. In any case, apps like Safari, Apple Music, and so on will also have a presence on the MR headset.

Another unique aspect of the Apple MT headset is that it won’t require specific external controllers for its operation. Rather, that part would be taken care of by a set of cameras placed on the headset that would keep track of the movements of the hand and eyes. That way, users will be able to select an on-screen object which can be an app or a setting simply by focusing on it. Otherwise, devices such as the iPhone, iPad, or even the Mac can serve as input devices. Apart from these, one will also have the option to use Siri for voice-enabled typing.

Other information about the Apple MR headset that has come to the fore is the use of an external battery to power the headset. The battery which is touted to last two hours is almost the same size as two iPhone 14 Pro Max stacked one above the other. Plus, there likely is going to be support for lenses as well so that those with glasses too would be part of the fun. Then, there are going to be integrated speakers too though it remains to be seen if pairing the headset with AirPods will allow for a more immersive listening experience.

So far as content is concerned, Apple is reportedly working with Disney to ensure its content is available on the headset. That apart, Apple TV content too is going to be available on the headset. Plus, there also is going to be a video calling feature available too where users will be able to engage in FaceTime interactions via the headset itself.

Lastly, coming to the price of the headset, that likely is going to be in the vicinity of $3000 or so. That makes it quite an expensive piece of hardware which again can be sort of a guarantee of it going to be somewhat special. Stay tuned for more on this.