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First official leak of the OnePlus tablet reveals centrally placed camera, thin bezels, and Halo Green finish

OnePlus has been a huge success with its smartphones and the company is keen to replicate the same with tablet devices that it is branching out to. Also, while we have had leaks on the OnePlus Pad, as the tablet is named, in the past, the company now has come up with the first official images of the upcoming tablet via its official India website. The leaked image reveals the rear of the tablet where a big bulging camera is placed prominently at the top center.

The placement of the camera is quite unusual and is perhaps the first tablet that comes with a centrally placed camera. With most others, it is relegated to only the sides. As it is, a camera on a tablet device has never been a huge deal though OnePlus seems to have other ideas with the OnePlus Pad. As such, it is going to be interesting to see how things shape up in this space.

The rear otherwise sports a slightly convex shape with the camera placed right at the top of the convex. Such a design was first seen in the older generation iPad devices and is quite a rarity among the present generation tablet devices. The tablet however is known to have an aluminum alloy construction which should make it strong and durable. The shared image of the tablet is also shown to sport a ‘Halo Green’ shade. It is not known what other shades the tablet is going to come in.

Another interesting revelation from the image is the front end of the tablet that is shown to have ultra slim bezels. In fact, the bezels seem to be particularly thin at the bottom or the top edge – they can’t be made out from the leaked image – while those along the sides are quite thin too. Unfortunately, that is pretty much all that we know about the OnePlus Pad, which includes the internal specs, pricing, and such. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait for long to come across the full details given that OnePlus is slated to launch the tablet along with the OnePlus 11 5G smartphones as well as the Buds Pro 2 at an event in India on February 7. Stay tuned.