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Why you owe a friend for steering you to an SEO company in Michigan

As a person who has never been short of confidence, it was only natural that when setting up your own company that you decided you would oversee everything. You started very well as that approach appealed to your first customer base.

Word of mouth provided many clients, before you decided that you would create your own website to save money. It’s questionable whether it was any good or not, because it got so few views. All of which would have been a different story from the moment it went live if you had spoken to King Kong.

Having never even heard of Search Engine Optimisation to give SEO its full name, until a friend with a successful company who you aim to dwarf mentioned it on the golf course, you ignored it, still satisfied with your own tactics, while implementing trendy tools such as Instagram and Facebook. I mean, what was the point of paying someone else to do the work.

You carried on in the same steadfast stubborn direction for a year until you had to hold your hands up and admit that you had called this one wrong. You called your friend and he soon told you about all the benefits of speaking to experts in SEO after he also offered you tips on how to prepare for personal financial crisis, which he feared if you did not start to take action.

The attractions were immediately obvious. An award-winning agency could guarantee that your website would be #1 on the Google listings within 90 days. You know that Google is a reputable company that would see confidence in your business grow if it was associated with that name, and you also learned that it’s the world’s number 1 search engine.

It was explained to you that it is not something that anyone can perfect, but a skilled team can circumnavigate the pitfalls put in place to trip up those not using the method correctly. Once at the top of the rankings, the potential was obvious as you could recalculate your sales strategy with more viewers making the whole process cost effective. It even allowed you to book a tee time for you and your friend.

Working with an SEO company proved to be the best move you ever made, as views to the website went through the roof and your profits quickly grew through it.