Home Technology Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch date is expected to be August 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch date is expected to be August 2

Fresh rumors concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have come to the fore which point to some exciting and not-so-exciting aspects of the upcoming Samsung phablet.

To start off with the rumors that can make one sit up, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is slated to accompany several innovative features, primary among which is its slated 500 GB storage and a new retina scanner biometric system.

Coming to the storage bit first, rumor mongers have it that Samsung might go for a new top-end model featuring a 256 GB internal memory. It again will be complemented with microSD card support that maxes out at another 256 GB, thereby putting a whopping 500 GB plus of storage at one’s disposal. It will undoubtedly make the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the first handset to offer that much of storage, which clearly is in laptop/desktop territory.

There also has been rumors of Apple too considering a 256 GB storage for its iPhone 7, which again should be reason enough for Samsung to find that much storage for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 if it wishes the phablet to match up to the Apple offering.

Storage apart, another key USP of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is turning out to be its Iris scanner feature. The rumor to this effect assumes significance on the back of reports that Samsung has updated its ‘Iris Recognition Device’ patent and submitted the same to the USPTO on June 23rd, 2016.

“An Iris recognition system is an apparatus configured to identify a person based on a fact that people have different Iris characteristics. Since the Iris features cannot be duplicated or forged, the Iris recognition system has been used for security, crime prevention, identification, and authentication, etc.,” the patent reads. The recent application cites an earlier patent that was submitted on December 2014.

Coming to the not so exciting bit, there also are reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 coming with a non-removable 3,600mAh battery. This if true will be rather disappointing considering that much of oomph might fall short while supporting a 5.7-inch of pixel rich (curved) display along with heavy processing demands. The current Not 5 does with a 3,000mAh battery.

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The rest of the rumors point to a top-hitting device with Samsung pulling all stops to impress buyers with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at a time when the next iPhone is projected to be rather boring this time round.

Powering the device will be either Exynos 8893 CPU or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 coupled to the new ultra-fast 6 GB RAM built using Samsung’s new 10nm process. The software too is reported to have been optimized to support stylus operations better and will include suitable all round improvements.

Fortunately, we just have to endure a few more weeks to get to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the flesh as we approach its August 2 launch date.