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Now you can use Bitmojis inside Snapchat

A photo sharing app Snapchat has finally got a new feature working, something it paid over $100 million for. Earlier this year, Snapchat acquired Bitstrips- a web and mobile application that enables users to create a cartoon of themselves and their friends. Snapchat literally paid over $100 million for what it has now integrated within its app – Bitmojis, comic-style illustrations created by users. Snapchat finally announced that it is adding Bitmojis to its main Snapchat app.

With the help of this new addition by Snapchat, users will now be able to send Bitmojis to each other over both chat conversations or snaps. The move is not really surprising as a news of Snapchat buying Bitstrips made rounds shortly after it added support for stickers back in March this year, and since then, it was anticipated that Snapchat would be utilizing of what it paid such a hefty amount for, sooner or later.

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Bitmoji is a sticker application that gives users a chance to make cartoon avatars impersonating themselves. The application was initially released back in 2014. However, Bitmoji had discovered footing before then with its first item, called Bitstrips, which utilized the same user-created sticker idea.

One important thing should be noted here that users are required to download the Bitmoji app separately unless they don’t want this new feature to be integrated within their original Snapchat app. Hence, once both the apps are linked to each other, user will then be able to send Bitmoji stickers in chat or use them on snaps.

“A Bitmoji is your personal emoji. Now you can send them on Snapchat.
To get started, just download the Bitmoji app, create your own Bitmoji, and then link it to Snapchat. If you already have one, link your accounts and settings. You can send Bitmojis in chat or stick them on snaps, and even send friend emojis if your friend has one too,” Snapchat explained in an introductory video.

However, the feature seems to be working only on Snapchat for iOS as there’s no Bitmoji Keyboard app available for Android operating system on Google Play Store.