Home Business Chinese smartphone market witnessed 4.6% growth in Q2 2016, says IDC

Chinese smartphone market witnessed 4.6% growth in Q2 2016, says IDC

Recent IDC report has revealed that Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo have registered a tremendous year-over-year growth in terms of market share as well as shipment values. The data shows that the smartphone market in China has witnessed 4.6% growth in Q2 2016. It sums up a total number of collective shipments as 111.

2 million units in comparison with 106.3 million units sold during the same period in the year 2015.

The report also reveals that companies like Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo have managed to secure top three positions in the list whereas Xiaomi and Apple could not perform as opposed what their figures say during the same period last year. Both Xiaomi and Apple have not only performed poorly in terms of their market share but also the total number of handsets sold.

Huawei, which is doing fairly well with Honor in India, has managed to secure the first position in the list along with the crown of the biggest smartphone company to have a maximum foothold over Chinese market share as well as shipment volumes.

Huawei has witnessed 15.2% year-over-year growth. As of Q2 2015, Huawei had 15.6% market share, which was slightly lesser than Xiaomi’s 16.1%. However, Huawei’s market share is apparently on the rise with 17.2% as of the second quarter of 2016. Huawei has also seen a growth in terms of shipment volumes of 19.1 as of Q2 2016 as opposed to 16.6 during Q2 2015.

Oppo, on the other hand, registered a whopping 124.

1% year-over-year growth. While company’s market share stood at 7.6% by the Q2 2015, shipment volumes were 8.0 during the same period. Astonishingly, Oppo has registered 16.2% market share by the Q2 2016 whereas the shipment volumes remain 18.0 during the same period.

Talking about Vivo, the company managed to secure 74.

7% year-over-year growth. It secured 7.9% market share and 8.4 shipment volumes in Q2 2015. On the positive note, Vivo witnessed 13.2% market share as well as 14.7 shipment volumes in Q2 2016.