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Apple iPhone 7 crushes Galaxy Note 7 in a speed comparison

Apple’s latest flagship has managed to outrun Samsung’s best offering in a speed comparison test. In the video uploaded to YouTube by PhoneBuff, the iPhone 7 is seen to be significantly faster than Galaxy Note 7. The test involved opening and running various applications and games in both the smartphones to see which is quicker.

In the trial, the Apple iPhone 7 beats the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in almost every aspect. From opening the camera application to loading games like Asphalt 8, the former was much snappier. The iPhone 7 finished loading the specified series of apps in 1 min 14 sec which is 50 seconds earlier than the 2 min 4 sec taken by the Galaxy Note 7 to do the same.

When it comes to keeping apps in memory, the latest iPhone once again outshines the Note 7. The iPhone 7 comes with a 2 GB LPDDR4 RAM module which is significantly lower than the 4 GB RAM of the Galaxy Note 7. In spite of featuring less RAM, the iPhone 7 was successful in keeping more apps running in the background than the Note 7. In the second round of the test which required both the smartphones to re-launch previously opened applications, the latest iPhone outperforms the Note 7 by a significant margin. The former took a total of 1 min 40 sec to complete both the first and second part of the test while the latter needed almost twice the time and finished it in 3 min 14 sec.

The test demonstrates the real potential of the latest Apple A10 Fusion chip which powers the iPhone 7. It does manage to humiliate the powerful Snapdragon 820 of the Galaxy Note 7. That being said, the Note 7 is certainly not the fastest smartphone with the processor, and so its performance may not be used as a benchmark of the Snapdragon 820. On the top, Samsung’s flagship sports a much higher screen resolution than the iPhone 7 which does consume more processing power. The Note 7 comes with a QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, while the iPhone has a Retina HD (1334 x 750) display panel.

Even though the Note 7 seems to be almost half as fast as the iPhone 7, it is not a slow phone by any means. The smartphone is sufficiently fast and adequately snappy for daily usage. Truly speaking, you would never understand the speed difference unless and until you use both handsets side by side.