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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replaced units reported to have battery issues

According to reports, some replaced units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are still facing battery issues. This is being stated by a few users in South Korea, where the company has already started to ship out replacement devices. The customers are complaining that the new pieces are losing battery while being charged and also overheating unusually.

It has been a week since Samsung begun to send out replaced units of the latest flagship in its homeland. The company hopes to complete the exchange procedure as soon as possible and reinitiate the sale of Galaxy Note 7.

Soon after receiving the newer version of the smartphone, selected users started to complain about the glitch in the battery and overheating. The South Korean giant has acknowledged the problem on Friday. A Samsung official declared that the issue is not related to any fault in the battery cell. The spokesperson termed this as some isolated incidents due to mass production problems. He further added that the company is closely monitoring the complaints and have already started to inspect the issue.

The latest problem is a bit peculiar as the phones are being reported to the loose battery even while being charged.

The affected users also mentioned that their new Note 7 devices are heating way above the average temperatures. However, so far there have been no cases of any accidents involving the replaced handsets.

In the U.S., Samsung has recently started shipping out the refreshed units to the consumers. There is a high possibility that some users in the States may also get affected by this newest problem. In fact, this battery drain and the overheating issue can prevail in the new units of the Galaxy Note 7 in any country where the company has begun to provide the replacement pieces.

The Note 7 incident has been pretty detrimental to the Korean company. It has lost the trust of several people around the world due to the questionable quality control of its premium device. This has also affected Samsung financially as it has to spend over a billion US Dollars on the entire replacement procedure. The company wants to get over the problem as quick as possible and hopes to resume the sale of the Galaxy Note 7 early next month. However, we are unsure if this issue will have any impact on the impending plans.