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Apple may launch new 20-inch foldable iPad in 2024

While previous rumors claimed Apple is working on a completely new iPad model with an OLED panel for launch in 2024, here is another and perhaps even more exciting rumor claiming Apple to be working on a foldable iPad that should be ready for launch in 2024 itself. Also, given that the above rumor is being propagated by none other than the noted leakster Ming Chi Kuo makes it something that you just can’t shrug off easily.

Kuo said the upcoming foldable iPad is going to be the next big product launch in the iPad lineup. In fact, a foldable iPad is going to be as memorable as perhaps the launch of the iPad itself. Kuo exuded confidence the new foldable iPad would be ready for launch in 2024 but is unable to be more specific on this. As such, it isn’t known for sure when exactly such an iPad will be reaching markets next year.

Further, while there is almost next to nothing that we know of the upcoming foldable iPad at the moment, Kuo mentioned that it will have a stand made of carbon fiber. This will make the stand light while still being extremely durable. Kuo also stated that the China-based company Anjie Technology which specializes in polishing and bonding supplies is going to be a beneficiary of the foldable iPad. Apple is also known to be collaborating with LG for creating an ultra-thin glass layer for use on its foldable devices though it is not known if the foldable iPad is going to be the first beneficiary of it.

Kuo also stated there likely is going to be a decline in the shipment of iPad devices in 2023. According to the analyst, there might be a year-on-year decline of about 10 to 15 percent though things likely will bounce back strongly once the foldable iPad makes it to the market. Kuo didn’t have anything else to share about the upcoming foldable iPad but expect it to sell for a considerable premium over the current versions.

All of this comes on the back of previous rumors claiming Apple to be readying a foldable iPhone model. However, experts believe Apple might well opt for testing the waters with a foldable iPad model before it enters a foldable smartphone market with a foldable iPhone where the stakes are even higher. Samsung is currently dominating the foldable smartphone segment with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 or the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Meanwhile, the other perhaps equally reputable display analyst Ross Young also claimed Apple is working on a foldable iPad, one that is about 20-inch in size. However, Young isn’t sure it will be ready for launch in 2024. Instead, Young estimated such a device would be ready not before 2026 or 2027.