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Apple launches iPhone 6s Battery Replacement Program to fix sudden shutdown issues

The Chinese Consumers Association (CCA) petitioned Apple to address the constant power shutdown experienced with some batches of the Apple iPhone 6s, and the latter has responded by offering a free battery replacement handsets affected by the problem.

Since several consumers were worried that their iPhones might have been affected by the battery problem, Apple clarified that only batches of iPhone 6s manufactured between September and October 2015 are affected by the power problem.

Apple also added in a statement that the safety of the affected batch of smartphones is not in question and replacing their batteries will solve the problem once for all. The company offers to replace the batteries of the affected iPhone 6s for free in its retail outlets worldwide. In addition, If individuals who believe their iPhone 6s was affected by this issue and paid to replace their battery, such customers can now demand a refund of their expenses.

Several iPhone 6s users who complained about the issue noted that their iPhones would suddenly shut down when the power charge drops to between 60% and 50%.

Apple’s consent to remedy this deficient battery problem comes on the heel of a related issue that befell the company a week ago where some iPhone 6 Plus smartphones suffered from flickering screens and unresponsive touches. Apple termed the problem a “touch disease” for a reduced price of $149 at the purchase of the affected phones.

According to earlier reports, Apple had to recall some of the affected iPhone 6 Plus and even stopped selling them permanently since there were fears that the defective batteries could lead to safety issues with the devices.

FYI, carrier partners have also clarified that they are not part of the repair or battery replacement program for the iPhone 6s, so affected consumers need to visit an Apple retail store or other approved technical centers to have their batteries removed and replaced. Consumers are however advised to backup their content to iCloud or iTunes before they come for the battery replacement.

Apple added that it would not be responsible for cracked screens or any other technical issues that could affect the replacement of the deficient iPhone 6s batteries, and such issues must have been resolved before bringing them in for battery replacements.