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Apple iPhone 15 Pro will have slimmer bezels this time

It might still be six months away for the official announcement of the next generation iPhone but rumors about the phone have already been circulating online. Recently, a new report has emerged that supports earlier rumors regarding the design of the iPhone 15 Pro model, that it would have thinner bezels. ShrimpApplePro, a known leaker who has previously leaked information about the potential new design of the iPhone 15 Pro line-up, shared on Tuesday that new sources have come forward to confirm this information. The leaker further added that multiple sources have agreed that the bezels on the iPhone 15 Pro models will indeed be thinner.

According to ShrimpApplePro’s initial report, the upcoming iPhone 15 is rumored to have several new features. The next-generation iPhones are expected to be available in the same display sizes as the current iPhone 14 lineup, which are 6.1 and 6.7 inches. However, it seems that only the iPhone 15 Pro models will have thinner bezels. Additionally, the leaker previously shared that the display on the Pro models will be curved, similar to the display on the Apple Watch.

Although other sources consulted by the leaker were not able to confirm the information about the curved display on the iPhone 15 Pro, ShrimpApplePro notes that this lack of corroboration is not unexpected since the Pro model is still in its early stages of production. The same sources have, however, described the iPhone 15 Pro as a “very beautiful” device, purportedly featuring a titanium frame.

Although the design changes are expected to be exclusive to the Pro models, the regular iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are also expected to receive some noteworthy upgrades this year. One such upgrade is the inclusion of Dynamic Island, a feature that was first introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro. Moreover, it has been reported that Apple is working on even brighter displays for the new iPhones.

According to Haitong Intl Tech Research analyst Jeff Pu, who shared a report with 9to5Mac last month, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models will reportedly feature the same 48-megapixel wide lens that is currently only available on the iPhone 14 Pro models. However, it is expected that the midrange iPhone 15 models will still not have a telephoto lens for optical zoom or a LiDAR scanner.