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Samsung Galaxy S8: how the iPhone 8 competitor is shaping out to be

Samsung has done a great job with its Galaxy S7, which makes us to yearn for even more with its successor, the S8. And from the latest leaks that has come to the fore, the all new Galaxy S8 does look to pack a mighty punch, enough to be branded an iPhone killer. A look of the expected feature set of the S8 might prove why.


First off is the display where Samsung is expected to go overboard, what with no less than a 4K display likely to make up the front of the S8. Further, Samsung is also rumored to adopt a single model strategy where there would only be a curved screen version. That has its own advantages including edge-to-edge display.

Another source pointed out the S8 will continue with the 1440 x 2560 Super AMOLED displays as seen on the S7. However, the display could be made using a different material that will sip even less power.

The same source also claimed Samsung might consider adopting the standard RGB mode of subpixel arrangement instead of the Diamond PenTile arrangement used so far. This again is expected to allow for markedly better viewing experience in virtual reality environment.

There is also a fair bit of confusion as to the number of S8 version Samsung would release next year. The usual trend here is to launch a flat and a curved screen display with each version again coming with two screen size options.

The trend could be different this time round with Samsung likely to launch three or maybe even more size options. As per information currently available, there could be a 5.1-inch, 5.5-inch along with a bigger 6.2-inch version of the S8 this time round.

Samsung Digital Assistant:

The S8 would be running Android and Google already has a digital assistant termed Google Assistant associated with the platform. Samsung nevertheless has lofty plans here and aims to launch its own personal digital assistant with artificial intelligence elements built into it. Samsung even went to the extent of acquiring Viv Labs to add impetus to its vision here.


Yet another area where Samsung might surprise us is the camera, and it could be a dual camera setup that might don the rear of the S8. The S7 is already highly regarded for its camera capabilities though the Google Pixel seems to have stolen a march here.

All of this should be enough for Samsung to shore up its act all the more. And rumor has it that it could be a 30mp rear cam on the S8 though other sources point out there would be a 13mp and 12 mp Sony lens that would be used.


As for its processing capabilities, the usual Samsung policy of offering different chip version for different regions will like to continue with the S8 as well. So an Exynos chip, as well as the Snapdragon 835, seems the most like the setup for the S8, together with an 8 GB RAM.

As for the launch schedule, Samsung might push it back to April this time instead of launching it during the MWC. The few weeks delay is intentional as it would give Samsung to further fine tune its battery issues while the marketing team too will have more time to regain from the negative publicity that the Note 7 debacle created.