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Uber teams up with Snapchat to enable setting friends as the destination

Uber’s coming together with Snapchat might seem surprising though the end result is no less interesting. For this allows you to set a friend as the location that you would like the Uber cab to take you to. This will also save you from typing the destination as is the norm now. Instead, selecting a friend from your Snapchat friend list would be enough. The above development also comes as part of a major redesigning effort on part of the ride-sharing firm that has led to the company’s app to have a much simpler interface.

However, the feature will work only after the friend has confirmed to Uber his or her location. Thereafter, the friend’s location will be considered as static, which will serve as the place where the cab will drive to. Of course, things would lead to a hara-kiri if the friend’s location changes.

Also, while en-route to the destination, you will have the option to Snapchat to your friend, using the custom filters that the messaging platform is already so well-known for. These special Snapchat filters, however, works only till you are in the Uber cab and while on the way to the designated spot.

Swipe up, and you will be prompted to unlock several more Snapchat filters. Once you select it, you will be re-directed to the Snapchat app where again you will be asked if you wish to unlock the filters for a short duration only. That’s understandable considering that the filters remain in vogue only for the duration of the ride.

Meanwhile, Uber also provides for a standard filter that displays the time left to reach the destination. On the whole, this might not seem anything huge though integrating Snapchat with Uber surely makes for an interesting development. Maybe others like Facebook too joins the list though there is no word on this as yet.

However, there are some who are skeptical as to how the above changes will affect the way customer data is collected and used. While you will, of course, have to grant Uber access to your contact list for the Snapchat feature to work, questions are being raised if any of your or your friend’s personal information are being collected.

Uber though has stated they aren’t new to accessing your contact list as this used previously to send invites to the app or for sharing the ride details. The company also assured they wouldn’t continue to monitor destination friend’s location after the ride has come to an end.