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Apple Q1 2017 sales report: Rewrites its own sales record with iPhone leading the pack

Holiday seasons have traditionally been good for Apple and the last season has been no exception, with the company posting record sales while revenues too continue to be massive, as usual.

Not surprisingly, iPhone still happens to be the biggest grosser for the Cupertino giant with the company having sold more iPhone devices than they have ever done anytime before. To put that in figures, it’s 78.29 million iPhones that found buyers in Q1 2017, generating a revenue of .

37 billion for Apple in the process.

That makes the iPhone alone contributing 69 percent to Apple’s total revenue, which again underscores the stupendous quarter Apple has had.

The top draw has clearly been the bigger iPhone 7 Plus, with its dual rear cameras that clearly has been the most sought after Apple device during Q1. As Tim Cook stated, the company was hard pressed to make enough of the handsets to meet demand.

Apple’s MacBook line up too turned out to be another huge success story. In fact, revenue generated from the sale of Mac units was an all-time high even though there has been a corresponding jump in sales figures of the Mac devices.

So while 5.374 million units of the Mac devices were sold in Q1 2017, which makes for a paltry single percentage point rise in sales over the same period last quarter, the revenue at $7.244 billion marks a 7 percent rise over last year’s figures. That can be explained owing to the high priced MacBook Pro that Apple launched in the run up to the holiday quarter.

Notwithstanding all the good showing by Apple’s other segments, its trouble brewing with the company’s iPad line up. Sales have tanked 19 percent to 13.08 million units sold in Q1 2017. Not surprisingly, the revenue too has taken a hit, with $5.53 billion in revenue generated which makes for a 22 percent drop over last year’s figures.

Unlike its other devices category, Apple does not reveal how many wearables it sells. However, Tim Cook did not miss out on revealing its Apple Watch sales too were an all-time high. Of course, he didn’t have actual figures to back his claims, but he did mention they couldn’t make enough of the smartwatches to keep up with demand.

What is worth mentioning is that the AirPods too are included in Apple’s smart wearable segment. It is this segment that generated a sizeable $4.024 billion in revenue in Q1 2017 though the figure is still down 8 percent compared to last year’s numbers.

Services is the other segment that has not only contributed handsomely to the Apple bottom-line during Q1 2017, it already is a giant in the making. It is another segment that saw revenues spike to record levels, which at $7.2 billion marks an impressive growth of 18 percent over last year’s figures.

In fact, Apple is expecting the Services business comprising of revenues generated from App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Pay, and iCloud to itself match a Fortune 100 company this year itself. Tim Cook revealed there was $3 billion worth of purchases made in the App Store in December itself, making it the highest ever monthly figure for Apple.