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Oculus found guilty of infringing on ZeniMax’s Copyrights, ordered to pay $500 Million

The verdict is finally out, and it isn’t boding well for Oculus, or for that matter, Facebook. For according to what the court ruled, its $500 million that Oculus owes to ZeniMax Media which somewhat ratifies the latter’s accusation that Oculus built its VR empire using technology that actually belongs to ZeniMax.

Oculus has been found guilty on charges of false designation and copyright infringement even though the court ruled the company didn’t steal trade secrets to develop the Rift VR headset, something that ZeniMax claimed in its accusations against Oculus.

The court has also come down heavily against Luckey – Oculus co-founder – who has been ordered to cough up $50 million for failing to comply with a nondisclosure agreement. Luckey is also accused of stealing the technology that goes in the making or functioning of the Rift headset. Ex-Oculus CEO Brendan too has been ordered to pay another $150 million. Luckey hasn’t yet commented on the judgement but a company spokeswoman stated they would be filing an appeal.

Facebook too put up a brave face claiming the $500 million penalty is much less than what ZeniMax had initially sought in damages.

According to the social media company, ZeniMax was claiming $6 billion as penalty for inappropriately using its technology to create the Rift headset. Oculus revealed in a statement all of their products have been built using technology developed in-house.

ZeniMax, on its part, claimed they are pleased with the court’s verdict which it sees as an indictment of its claims against Oculus. The company also said they would be seeking an injunction to ensure Oculus or Facebook aren’t able to make good of the computer codes that the court ruled to have been infringed on copyrights held by ZeniMax.

Facebook had acquired Oculus for $3 billion back in March 2014 and had since formed the core of the social media giant’s grand VR plans. And the one thing that forms the central appeal of Oculus is the Rift VR headset unit which ZeniMax claims has been built using technology created by them.