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LG G6 leaked image shows dual camera, fingerprint sensor with glossy finish

A new image believed to be that of the LG G6 has emerged online, which has brought consumer interest in the upcoming LG flagship to reach a zenith all over again. The image that Business Insider claimed to have received from one of their sources is, however, rudimentary at best, with just the rear of the device that is visible.

All that can be seen is the dual rear camera along with the fingerprint sensor donning the rear side that otherwise sports a glossy finish. Then there is the ‘G6’ logo visible as well, placed towards the bottom. The shiny look also points to the rear being made of glass, much like that of the iPhone 7 as well as a few Sony flagship handsets in the past. That isn’t a bad thing either since it does make the G6 look sleek and svelte though it also makes the rear to be prone to break during accidental falls.

As for the dual camera setup, LG is already considered a pioneer in developing the dual cam technology for smartphones. And the one that is seen in the leaked image of the G6 seems to be a direct rip-off of that on the LG V20 or the G5. That is not a bad thing again considering both the above-mentioned handsets fared well enough so far as their pictorial abilities are considered.

That said, there could still be better sensors in place this time, backed with more enhanced software to allow for even better clicks. However, one of the rear lenses will surely be suited for wide-angle photography while there also are reports of the dual cameras aiding in creating the blurry background effect just like iPhone 7 Plus.

Meanwhile, the latest image leak comes close on the heels of another leak that has depicted the front of the device. And it looks mighty impressive too, what with its almost zero-bezel design not only along the sides bit also along the top and bottom as well. This should allow for the fitment of a larger display without significantly increasing the size of the handset as a whole.

Word on the street is that the G6 will come with a 5.7-inch 2,880 x 1,440-pixel display with a Snapdragon 821 chipset powering the device. Expect the G6 to go live during the upcoming MWC event in Barcelona.