Home Technology Live video of giraffe giving birth gets flagged at YouTube, restored again

Live video of giraffe giving birth gets flagged at YouTube, restored again

If anyone is curious how we have made it into this big bad world, well you can turn to YouTube or Facebook where you nonetheless spend hours every day. However, the special bit here is a New York Zoo official’s decision to live stream the entire process of a giraffe giving birth.

Also, while one can thank the advent of modern tech to make it possible in the first place, some chose to oppose the live telecast that was supposed to be of only educational significance. And the group justified their move claiming the video to be too explicitly sexual, one that projects nudity. Perhaps they need to explain animals are always nude anyways, besides also doing all their stuff in the open.

That also is the reason that led to the video getting blocked on YouTube though it is not exactly clear if the process is accomplished by humans or robots. The video sharing site, however, has tendered an apology and has termed the entire process of pulling down a video or reinstating it as routine. As a YouTube representative explained, they always act quickly once it is brought to their notice that the video has been flagged mistakenly, as they have done in this case by restoring the live stream.

The YouTube hiccup forced Jordan Patch, the owner of the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville to turn to Facebook to continue with the live stream. The video too continued unhampered at Facebook where it went on to notch up more than 30 million views in just 12-hours.

Patch also vented out his ire about the YouTube incident in his Facebook video, blaming a ‘handful of extremists and animal rights activists’ for flagging the video in the video sharing site.

Also, while most seems to have watched the video out of sheer curiosity, there nonetheless have been many who expressed their solidarity with Patch. Many opted to donate to the Giraffe Family Fund while there are also those like Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition that chose to donate 100 pounds of food for April – as the giraffe is named – till she is in labor.