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Google Pixel 2 to ditch 3.5mm jack just like Apple iPhone

Google’s upcoming smartphone wonder, the Pixel 2 might miss out on the 3.5mm headphone jack if a new rumor on this is to be believed. The rumor again has its origins in an internal Google doc but lacks any authenticity of any sort.

The doc, the nature of which too has been kept a secret given the risk it poses to the source however claims things have already been set in stone. That points to it being almost confirmed that the Pixel 2 won’t be featuring the once ubiquitous 3.5mm jack.

However, there is no way to confirm if the said Google documentation is the latest or it points to something that was debilitated on sometime back. There are also reasons to doubt such a claim given the manner Google had actually taken potshots at Apple for junking the headphone jack on its latest iPhone devices. That was during the launch of the Pixel and to expect Google emulating the same on its next Pixel can be pretty much outrageous.

This meanwhile comes close on the heels of the first official confirmation from Google that the Pixel 2 is indeed in the making.

It has been during the MWC event that the head of Google’s hardware division, Rick Osterloh has announced they are into making the Pixel 2, and that it would continue to be a premium offering.

Other rumors that we have had of the second gen Pixel so far include a beefed up camera, which promises to offer a significant jump in camera capabilities for the Pixel 2.

The current Pixel is already acclaimed for its excellent camera and anything better will surely come as a big surprise.

A bezel-less design along with a waterproof body too is being touted for the next Pixel. All of this will be on top of the usual performance increment that every new generation of flagship smartphone are already known to offer.