Home Technology Apple quietly announced iPad 9.7-inch starting at $339

Apple quietly announced iPad 9.7-inch starting at $339

Apple has come up with a new cheaper version of its popular 9.7-inch iPad which starts at just $329. The price is applicable to the base 32 GB Wi-Fi only version of the Apple tablet with the cellular version offering the same amount of storage will come for $459.

That makes the new iPad even cheaper than the iPad Air 2 though the new tablet also happens to be a tad thicker and heavier than its Air 2 cousin. While the Air 2 measured a measly 6.1mm, the new iPad comes in at 7.5mm. Also, the new iPad weighs 469 grams which is just a few notches higher than the 437 grams that the Air 2 weighed. The Wi-Fi + 4G LTE model is a shade heavier at 478 grams.

The weight and depth again aren’t the only things that have increased in the new iPad as the device also sports the new A9 chip. That no doubt allows for a healthy performance improvement over the iPad Air 2 that came powered by the A8X chip even though things shouldn’t be as fluidic as the A9X chip on the iPad Pro is capable of. Also, apart from the 32 GB storage option, there will be a 128 GB version as well, as has been the case with the iPad Air 2.

Other improvements with the new iPad include an even brighter display even though the overall resolution continues to be the same as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, or for that matter, the iPad Air 2. That makes for 1536 x 2048 pixels packed into the 9.7-inch display which makes for a pixel density of 264 ppi. Unfortunately, there is no True Tone display or the anti-reflective coating, which is understandable considering the price it comes at.

However, among the things that remain unchanged include its software, which will be iOS 10, the same that is also found on the iPad Air 2. So there shouldn’t be any change in the overall user experience with the new iPad except that things would be happening a bit quicker.

The camera too remains untouched as the new iPad has the same 8MP  rear and the 1.2 mp front cam. Both are identical to those found on the iPad Air 2 and shouldn’t be cause for much concern as both does a fine job and tablets aren’t too popular for shooting images and videos either.

On the whole, the new iPad can be seen to be largely the same as the iPad Air 2 except that it has more processing grunt. That itself coupled to the fact that it now costs even cheaper than the Air 2 should be reason enough to go for the tablet.