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Google Maps update will let users share their real-time location

Google said a future update to its Maps application will make it possible for users to share their location to those in the contact list. An icon which appears above the compass on your own device will let you know your location is being tracked, and you have the option to turn it off anytime you wish to.

The process couldn’t have been simpler too as all that you need to do is to press on the Google Maps side menu followed by selecting the ‘Share Location’ option. Alternately, you also tap on the blue dot that identifies your location to launch the ‘Share Location’ option.

Thereafter, you will be prompted to select who on your contact list you wish to share your location info with, and for how long. The sharing duration in turn can vary from 15 minutes to 3 days. In fact, it can go on and on as there is also an ‘Until you switch it off’ setting as well. In that case, Google will, however, send you reminders via email to remind you of having kept the setting on.

That is not all as there also is the option to share location of your trips, which will keep the recipient updated of all the turn-by-turn progress you have made. When opted that way, the sharing stops automatically once you have reached the destination.

This way, any Google Maps users will be able to share the location info with friends and family and comes in handy in situation when say; the person is travelling to any unfamiliar zone and such. The feature will be made available to both Android and iOS version of the app and will be rolled out worldwide.

However, those who have been provided the tracking info need not have a Google account to be able to keep a tab on you. What’s more, you can share your location info using any messenger app that can connect to Google Map. The recipient, in turn, will be able to track the progress in a mobile browser or a desktop.