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Android creator Andy Rubin teases his dream smartphone

If teaser shots are all about creating the maximum hype while revealing the least, this one is right up there. All that we know of Andy Rubin’s new dream project is a smartphone device which has an almost bezel-less front end.

It is roughly less than even a third of the device that is visible, with a single physical button to be seen along the sides.

Smartphone design featuring an almost all-screen front layout is in vogue these days. And going by what the ex-Android boss shared, he seems to be right on track to come up with something truly sensational.

Of course, anything short of that wouldn’t have been enough to challenge the biggies in the business – Apple or Samsung, something that Rubin has set out to achieve. His startup, Essential that is building the handset is also valued at a commendable $1 billion.


Rubin also has got together a high-profile team to build the device. That includes the global vice president at HTC, Jason Mackenzie. Ex-Apple lead product designer in charge of the iPad, Jason Keats too is lending his expertise in developing the new smartphone. The segment is already bursting with activity, and the team sure has to come up with something really exciting to make a mark.

Most other big-name handset due for launch in 2017 is touted to come with a design that has most of the front end dedicated to the display. The LG G6 already conforms to that and the teaser images of the Samsung S8 that we have seen so far also point to the same design direction.

Apple though is believed to be attempting something even more radical with the entire front end likely to be made of a single sheet of glass. That way, the home button could be placed along the rear or technologically even more challenging, beneath the front display. Such a design theme will no doubt be a game changer in the segment, and it will be really interesting to see if Andy Rubin too is toeing the same line.

There also are reports of Soft Bank backtracking from its earlier plan of investing $100 million in the startup Essential. It is not known what led Softbank to scuttle the investment plans though grapevine has it that their close ties with Apple could be a reason.

Andy meanwhile has tweeted he is eager to see his dream handset reach out to the maximum number of people but did not reveal any launch plans as such.