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Snapchat Stories now debuts on the Facebook app

The Snapchat Stories makes its debut on Facebook app after the heartwarming success in it’s subsidiaries i.e. WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram.

Of course, Facebook is implementing the idea in its own way. Those include the availability of new masks and filters all of which has much to do with the MSQRD app that Facebook has acquired some time earlier. Things have also been made a lot simpler at Facebook, a far cry over the plethora of buttons that one is greeted at Snapchat.

This also marks a near rout of the Stories feature that was first made popular by Snapchat. However, it has seen the maximum exploitation by Facebook. Call it by any other name such as Messenger Day, WhatsApp Status or the more blatant Instagram Stories, all of it is basically the same Stories feature that Snapchat first popularized.

The update that Facebook has been working on for a while now will also be introducing a new camera that now sits at the top left of the new feed section. There will be masks and filters available to zing up the images or selfies. Reactive effects elevate things to a new level in that it allows for dynamic interaction with such object such as a dance event and such.

The availability of filters that relate to some upcoming Hollywood flicks such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Alien: Covenant, and Wonder Woman no doubt makes for a thoroughly exciting proposition. Facebook, backed by advertisers and brands also assured the filters will be updated periodically so that users always have the latest stuff to play around with.

The latest update that Facebook has been working on for a while now also marks a significant transition over the way people have taken to communicate over the year since the inception of Facebook. So instead of words, its images that seem to be more adept to convey the message.

Much of it again has to do with the advent of mobile devices which has become the most preferred device for Facebook users to share their live ‘status.’ The ever improving smartphone camera is another reason that led to images becoming the more convenient method to let the world know what they have been up to instead of carefully chosen words. No wonder, images right from the camera can be shared over the social media.

Another advantage that Facebook wishes to exploit to the hilt is its sheer size. With the over two billion user base that it enjoys, the newly minted Stories will have a far wider traction than it ever was possible had it been a Snapchat exclusive. So even if does not become as popular as is being believed, even though that does seem unlikely, it might still end up being used by millions.

Those figures again make for great revenue streams via carefully devised advertising campaigns, something that invariably will form the next step for Facebook to attempt once the Stories craze picks up on its platform.