Home Technology Facebook’s Messenger Day update happens to be another clone of Snapchat Stories

Facebook’s Messenger Day update happens to be another clone of Snapchat Stories

Snapchat has always proved to be a happy hunting ground for Facebook to source ideas, and the trend continues unabated. The latest instance of that is the launch of the Messenger Day update which can well be considered as an adaptation of Snapchat’s Stories function.

Not surprisingly, Facebook has tried to put its own twist to the feature. As such, while the feature lets you tell others what you have been up to; Messenger Day will also let you find out who among your friends are available to chat.

The messages still bear a striking similarity to Snapchat Stories as you post images or videos that aren’t directed specifically to someone. Instead, everyone gets to see the post that again last for a day, before it gets deleted automatically.

Facebook has already been testing the Messenger Day feature in several countries around the world where the Snapchat craze is yet to pick up. And much to Facebook’s glee, the feature has helped them rope in millions of users, enough to go for a wider launch of the feature.

That said, Facebook might still push back the launch of the feature in Canada and the US where Snapchat is widely popular. And going for a launch there will run the risk of attracting critics ire for directly ripping off a feature that none other than Snapchat helped popularize in recent times.

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Interestingly, Facebook product manager Tony Leach said they got their inspiration from what their friends are up to on Facebook or in Messenger. The launch of the new feature can also be considered to be a fallout of all the communication they get into with people from all over the world and is a direct reflection of the manner they wish to communicate in.

As for its more recent adaptations on its chat platform, Leach said they have been inspired by what AOL Instant Messenger had to offer. Now that makes for an interesting revelation given that AOL Instant Messenger had been in vogue almost a decade back while the more recent Snapchat remains unacknowledged.