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Upcoming Galaxy S23 update will greatly enhance its imaging capabilities

A new firmware update has been announced for Samsung Galaxy S23 users, promising significant camera upgrades. The update, known as S91xNKSU1AWC8, has been announced for Korean users in a Samsung Community post. It is a large update, weighing in at 923MB, and is expected to roll out in other countries soon. Along with general refinements, the update will focus on improving the photography capabilities of the Galaxy S23 series.

Here is a brief lowdown on all that the latest update brings along.

Faster response times

One of the main enhancements included in the upcoming firmware update S91xNKSU1AWC8 for Samsung Galaxy S23 users is a modification to the camera’s default speed and focus settings. With this update, users will be able to take photos faster, even before the phone completes its focus. However, for those who prefer the previous setting, there is an option to switch it back using the Camera Assistant app, which can be downloaded for free from the Galaxy Store. This app provides additional controls for Galaxy phone photography and allows users to set their camera to only take photos when fully focused.

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S23 can look forward to a new feature that will let them delete photos while the phone is still processing them, thanks to a small change to the Gallery app. This means that you won’t have to wait for your phone to finish processing an image before you can delete it, saving you time and battery life.

Better sharpness

As part of the firmware update, the image sharpness has been improved and flickering has been reduced in low-light conditions when using the Super Steady mode in the ultrawide camera. Additionally, the Super Steady mode now displays a warning message that a brightly lit subject is required for optimal performance, which should encourage users to use it only when necessary.

Bug Fixes

The firmware update also includes fixes for some bugs. This includes the removal of blurring as well as the, elimination of a green line that appeared when taking photos. That is not all as the banding issue that appeared when taking photos of the sky in mid to low light conditions using the higher-resolution 50 MP mode or the 200 MP mode on the Galaxy S23 Ultra instead of the standard 12 MP has also been resolved. Additionally, a strange problem that prevented face recognition from working after making a third-party app video call has been resolved too.

Other changes

Various updates in the firmware are aimed at enhancing the quality of photos and videos in different scenarios. For instance, the Camera app’s stability has been improved when there are moving subjects in the shot. Additionally, video stabilization is enhanced when recording in FHD at 60fps with Auto FPS disabled. Night mode has also been improved, particularly when it’s turned off, and when shooting speed is set as the priority in the Camera assistant app.

It’s great to see Samsung pushing out updates to improve their flagship phones’ photography capabilities. These updates will not only enhance the user experience but also keep Samsung competitive with newer smartphones from rivals like Google and Apple. The Galaxy S23 series is already highly rated for its camera quality, and these new improvements are sure to impress users even more. It’s exciting to see how these changes will impact the photography possibilities for Galaxy S23 owners.