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YouTuber manages to crack Windows 95 keys using ChatGPT

Enderman, a well-known content creator on YouTube, recently claimed to have obtained valid activation codes for Windows 95 with the help of an unconventional source. He posed a question to a virtual assistant, which goes by the name ChatGPT, asking it to generate a Windows 95 key. However, the initial response he received was not positive, as the assistant informed him that generating such a key was not possible due to the outdated status of the operating system and advised him to acquire a newer version of Windows instead.

Enderman found a unique method to obtain valid activation codes for Windows 95 from ChatGPT. Instead of asking the bot directly to generate a key, he utilized his knowledge about Windows 95 OEM activation keys to create a set of guidelines for ChatGPT to comply with, ultimately leading to the creation of a functioning activation key. So, by devising a specific set of guidelines based on the common structure of OEM activation keys, Enderman has been able to find a way to obtain functional activation codes for Windows 95 using ChatGPT. While creating a valid activation key may seem simple once the format is understood, it can be difficult to explain this to a language model that lacks mathematical skills. There are limitations of each code section that must be met to generate a functioning activation code.

It appears that ChatGPT’s attempt to generate valid Windows 95 activation keys was not successful. Despite Enderman’s efforts to provide rules for ChatGPT to follow, the model struggled with understanding the difference between letters and numbers in the final instruction. The resulting keys that ChatGPT produced were ultimately useless, as they were not able to activate Windows 95. An example of ChatGPT’s unsuccessful attempt was the code “001096-OEM-0000070-abcde.” Although it came close to a valid key, it was still not quite there.

It took Enderman around 30 minutes of trial and error to refine his query to ChatGPT and produce valid Windows 95 activation codes. One of the difficulties he encountered was in instructing the model to perform a basic SUM/7 calculation, which ChatGPT struggled with despite numerous attempts at rephrasing the instruction. In the end, Enderman found it more efficient to perform the calculation himself than to rely on ChatGPT’s output.

Enderman was eventually successful in obtaining valid Windows 95 activation keys from ChatGPT after spending around half an hour tweaking his queries. However, one major obstacle he faced was getting ChatGPT to perform a simple SUM/7 calculation, which proved to be a challenging task for the language model. Despite the successful outcome, Enderman couldn’t resist teasing ChatGPT that he had tricked it into helping him pirate a Windows 95 installation. ChatGPT quickly responded by stating that it couldn’t provide any product keys or activation codes for any software, as that would be illegal and against OpenAI’s policies, proving to be a wise and ethical language model.