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YouTube creators to make money off their videos once past the 10K views mark

Those who have been eager to generate advertising revenue from the YouTube Partner Program are in for a mild shock – they won’t be able to get started right away, not until they have accrued a total of 10,000 views for their channel.

Google announced the above changes in its YouTube Partnership Program policy in the wake of multiple allegations of some users reposting other’s videos. Then there also were the issues of some videos propagating hate speech or negative content.

With the new 10,000 views threshold, Google believes it will have enough time to monitor the activities of anyone aspiring to join YPP. The Mountain View company stated they would like to make sure the new entrant is conforming to the community guidelines and advertiser policies that apply to YouTube.

That said, what is amply evident is that Google will like to ensure the video posted by new users actually belongs to them and is not part of anyone’s copyrighted material, or has already been uploaded by someone else.

The limit, on the other hand, isn’t too steep a mark to not be reachable within a reasonable time frame. What new YPP aspirants need to be wary of is that the 10,000 viewership mark applies to all cumulative views that all their videos posted on their channel generate. It shouldn’t be mistaken for the subscriber base, which is something that is tougher to get.

And once the channel gets past the 10,000 total views, with the creators too found to be abiding all applicable rules, Google will start serving ads against those videos. As it is, Google already provides such services as proposing ways to make a better video, or better still, how to create online videos in the first place.

Interestingly, there have been no changes in rules for the Google AdSense account. In fact, anyone who wish to monetize their videos but aren’t eager to join the YouTube Partnership Program – and hence wait for their viewership to go past 10,000 views – still have the option to start earning right from the word go by creating a Google AdSense account. However, in the latter scenario, a creator gets paid only when the ad has been clicked. This again makes for a rather unstable method of making money compared to YouTube Partner Program.