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Apple iPhone popularity among teens promising more iPhone 8 sale

Guess which smartphone brand is favored the most by the teens in the US?

Investment firm Piper Jaffray set out to find just that out and the results should be sweet like honey for Apple. For it is the iPhone that has emerged as the single most popular smartphone among the teen community.

Digging deeper into the details that the bi-annual ‘Taking Stock with Teens’ survey conducted by Piper Jaffray has thrown up, a majority 76 percent were found to own an iPhone. That is an all-time high figure ever recorded, up two points from the 74 percent that owned the Apple device as was found during the last survey.

Similarly, 81 percent of those surveyed said their next smartphone will also be an iPhone, up two points from the 79 percent in the last survey. The higher expectation rating for the next iPhone can be linked to the anniversary edition of the device due out this year.

With Apple promising the upcoming iPhone 8 to be the best ever iteration of its smartphone ever to be released, it is only natural the teens are super excited with the device. Rumors already point to it incorporating path breaking design along with many new exciting features to help it distinguish from all the iPhone devices we have had so far.

Meanwhile, the Piper Jaffray survey also revealed the general trend among the teens with a few other devices, including the smartwatch. And Apple has much to cheer here as well. For 13 percent of teens said they look forward to acquiring an Apple Watch within the next six month, up from 11 percent as revealed in the last survey.

However, the Apple Watch is at a distant second, with 10 percent opting for the device as a fitness band. Fitbit remains by far the most popular choice of fitness band with 71 percent teens owing it.

The survey was conducted among 5,500 teens in the US having an average age of 16.