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Facebook F8: Here are the most exciting announcements

The annual Facebook F8 conference is currently underway and the social media giant has started off with several exciting announcements. Those include new apps, greater reliance on augmented reality, and new camera features. That is not all as there will be a few more bots unleashed too to help us sort things out better.

Facebook Spaces: With the new Space app, Facebook is out to make the virtual as close as it can be to reality. The basic goal with the app is to provide users with a space where you can meet and interact with others just as you would have done in real life. And the way that has been archived is clever use of virtual reality technology.

The process starts with selecting any of your Facebook photos and sprucing it up with a host of options that the app provides for. The app comes with a virtual marker that you can use to draw things to make the session interesting.


From changing, say the color of your eyes or hairs to even introducing new facial enhancements, the apps allow for a lot of other features to add life to your interactions. You can then send an invitation to your friends and family to begin the session. The app though is in beta as of now but can still be downloaded from the Oculus Store.

Messenger bot: This year’s F8 event marks the launch of the second-gen of the Messenger app which they have named Messenger 2.0. And the new aspect of the app has much to do with the introduction of new bots like Smart Replies. As should be already discernible, the bot is able to reply on its own to the most common business queries while leaving the more complex one to the humans.

Facebook Workplace: As it sounds, the Workplace is all about getting your job done easily. In other words, it is about productivity and hence marks a shift to what Facebook, the social media platform stands for.

Also, at the F8 conference, Facebook boasted about how popular the Workplace is, with more than 13,000 organizations relying on it for their daily operations. And one of them is even based in Antarctica.

However, the announcement that was made at the conference is that the current version that is available for free will be enhanced with the addition of more tools, features, and components. While that is good news, what is not is that the version will be elevated to a paid model. There is still going be a free version available but will be carrying just the basics.

Camera: While the social media giant had already made its known the camera would be at the center of most of their Facebook experiences, the trend is all set to scale newer heights. What should also be least surprising is that virtual and augmented reality would be the driving force behind the new camera makeover.

Among the new features to be seen with the camera include AR related effects like masks and such that you can use to enhance your pictures. The company also announced the launch of a new tool called AR Studio for the developers to use to come up with more exciting AR based effects.

However, much like Spaces, the new camera features are still in beta but is still ready enough to help you get started right away.