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Amazon launches new Echo Look that can hear and see you as well

Amazon’s Echo family has a new member – the Echo Look. The device also comes across as an evolution of sorts for the range as the new Echo Look comes with visual capabilities as well on top of its ability so far to hear you.

Amazon though hasn’t spilled all the beans just yet, which means the actual specifications of the device has been kept under wraps so far. However, from what is evident, the new Echo Look will serve to take hand’s free selfies or full body images from every conceivable angle.

However, the core capabilities of the device remain the same. This means the new Echo Look will just be as adept at responding to your voice commands as the range has been known for since its inception in 2014.

So whether its setting reminders, answering general queries, playing music and so on, the new Echo Look will be all too eager to oblige. Additionally, you can call it to take images of you or shoot videos. Those again can be sent to your smartphone or stored in Amazon Cloud.

Powering the device will be the same Alexa digital personal assistant but will have some special capabilities this time. For it can tell you which outfit suits you best thanks to a new Style Check program the device has been endowed with. And just to prove the Style Check software is no fluke, Amazon said it is based on artificial intelligence abilities while incorporating advice from some of the best fashion icons.

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That said, Amazon is not one to launch an entire device range that is just about shooting your images, or videos. In fact, the new Echo Look could well mark the beginning of a new marketing push from Amazon. For the new Echo Look could well serve as a new front to drive sales of its fashion store. It could be seen prompting you if a new outfit would be a great match for you, and one might even serve you images donning the same to convince you even better.

Also, with access to your image and hence your general outlook, Amazon could also be tempted to enter the fitness segment as well. It could, for instance, suggest when you are beginning to look overweight and could suggest exercises and so on. Any component you need in the process could again be sourced from Amazon.

However, so much for all the benefits that the Echo Look might stand for, to have a device with eyes right in your bedroom is enough to raise snooping concerns. Amazon, of course, is out to convince that user’s privacy is being accorded topmost priority though there is no way to be sure the next intrepid hacker hasn’t already outsmarted the best of Amazon’s defenses.

The Echo Look, meanwhile is exclusive only to the US, and that too is available on invitation only. Price though is a quite comfortable $199.99.